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My Story

I have always loved singing and wanted to master my voice so I could achieve my full potential. My problem was that I thought I had a ‘low’ voice. This really restricted the songs I could sing comfortably and therefore left me feeling frustrated and confused as to why I couldn’t reach higher notes. Whenever I tried to sing high I would strain and feel very vocally fatigued. I could ‘fake’ it during performances but I was left feeling exhausted and worried about my range.

I had singing lessons from a young age but my teachers, in retrospect, were not teaching me how to improve my weak areas. We would stand by the piano and do scales and ‘breath from the diaphragm’ (What does that actually mean anyway? Unless someone explains it to you..)
It wasn’t until I discovered a technique called Speech Level Singing that I was finally taught how the voice worked, the function of the vocal folds, larynx, breath and registers. I didn’t have a ‘low’ voice after all! I was just stuck in my chest voice; a very common problem.

Once I understood how to sing rather than just singing, my range and therefore enjoyment and skill increased no end. This knowledge I can pass on to you…


Wanting to understand my own vocal limitations led me on a journey of study that I have been on for over 15 years and will continue for the rest of my life. The voice is a fascinating subject and as vocal technology advances so does our understanding. The mysteries that have surrounded singing can be solved scientifically. We now know that there are different modes of phonation. We understand what needs to happen to the vocal folds to change pitch and reach those high notes.

All my voice techniques are based on research by some of the most eminent voice scientists and singing teachers including:

  • Richard Miller
  • James C McKinney
  • Ingo Titze, to name but a few.

One of the most successful and well-known singing methodologies is Speech Level Singing; My mentor was Seth Riggs who has taught such big names as:

Prince, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles, Madonna, Johnny Hallyday and Barbra Streisand plus many many more.

I studied this technique for over 15 years. It was during this time that I began to take charge of my voice and realise that I had to sing with technique rather than pure instinct. I had to have a plan for those high notes; I had to think about Sub-glottal pressure, vocal fold thickness and breath flow.

I started making a real difference to my students’ voices and my own- I was hooked and began studying voice science and vocal pedagogy.

I have most recently completed an intense singing teacher accreditation with Gillyanne Kayes, author of Singing and the Actor and co-founder of Vocal Process.

As well as teaching one to one in my private studio, I have been a resident teacher at:

  • The Academy Drama School, Whitechapel, London
  • Voxbox Singing School, Camden, London
  • Various Saturday performing arts schools for children over many years

My Musical Theatre Career

I trained as an actress and a singer at The Academy of Live and Recorded Arts in London and upon graduation enjoyed many years of performing both nationally and internationally.

Some of my roles include:

  • Patsy Kline, Dusty Springfield, K.D. Lang in the West End and National Tour of Bill Kenwright’s The Roy Orbison Story
  • Sally Bowles Cabaret, Waterside Theatre, Aylesbury
  • Ensign Nellie Forbush in South Pacific, Phil Willmot, Tottenham Court Road
  • Me and my Girl, Theatre Royal Lincoln
  • Lead singer on Super Star Virgo Cruise Ship
  • Lead singer in various function bands over many years…

My Lead Vocalist Career

There is nothing like performing live with great musicians and I have been in the fortunate position of earning my living out of singing every night, on tour and in studios with a variety of different bands and music producers. I have also written original material for myself and others and continue to do so.